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- Married by Proxy
- The Solitary Man
- The Lady and the Piano
- The Wind in the Wheat Fields


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Married by Proxy

Married by Proxy: R240 plus packaging & postage (in RSA) = R395.

This turbulent, yet relentlessly charming, romance takes place just after WWI. Thomas Greenwood – a confirmed bachelor - fights in the war in the diamond-rich area of South West Africa, where he finds his fortune.

Thomas buys a beautiful farm in Cedarville, but his boreholes dry up in a severe drought. His eccentric neighbour is selling his farm next to the Umzimvubu River, but he won’t sell it to an unmarried man, believing a man isn’t stable unless he is married!

Thomas is forced to advertise for a wife in an English magazine. He marries a woman, Fenella Barrington, by proxy. The trouble starts when she arrives and his major-domo, Giles, tells her the real reason why he married her…

The Solitary Man

 The Solitary Man: R240 plus packaging & postage (in RSA) = R395.


"Starting a new Helena Davis book is more deliciously indulgent than opening a box of chocolates...and a lot more slimming after the festive season!
Her novel, "The Solitary Man", was launched just before Christmas. It swept me away into the romantic world of Victorian England, and the plot had so many unexpected twists and turns that I couldn't put it down until I arrived breathless at the final chapter.

Davis skillfully weaves the tale of her heroine, Arabella Hawthorn, who falls upon hard times after being jilted at the altar. She takes refuge in the poorhouse of the remote mining town of Alston. She is eventually rescued by the town doctor, who helps her to find employment.

The mysterious Arabella has extensive knowledge of herbal remedies, and is often seen gathering plants and herbs at twilight. The locals therefore suspect her of being a witch.
In recognition of her healing powers, she is asked to set up a medicinal herb garden at the local Abbey. It is there that she meets a dashing astronomer who is studying a passing comet. A case of mistake identity ensues, which results in many  misunderstandings, and twists in the plot.
The characters are well developed and believable, and take on a life of their own as the story unfolds.
Davis, a florist, has done extensive research into the healing properties of the plants used in Arabella's herbal remedies. This was very informative, and lends authenticity and depth to the book.
This authenticity is also apparent in Davis's portrayal of the setting and era against which the novel plays out. I truly felt that I had visited the quaint little village of Alston and gained a clearer understanding of the customs and lifestyle of folk living during the Victorian era.

A thoroughly enjoyable read!"

- Judy Copland for 'Trendsetters' (Howick)



The lady and the piano

 The Lady and the Piano: R240 plus packaging & postage (in RSA)
= R395.


The Wind in the wheat fields

The Wind in the Wheat Fields: R240 Plus packaging & postage (in RSA) = R395.


About the Book
Charlotte Worthington, a delightfully spirited, red-haired beauty, returns to her beloved aristocratic home farm in Surrey to attend to her dying father. She leaves behind her fiancé, the handsome, debonair, Gareth Silversmith, in London. On her way home, a horseman stranger helps her to rescue a lamb caught in a wire fence. He turns out to be her father's rugged farm manager, Hamish Oakford. The chemistry between Charlotte and Hamish is undeniable, but financial and social status, and indeed,the engagement ring on her finger, keep Charlotte and Hamish at arm's length of each other. Nevertheless, Charlotte finds herself reluctantly, but powerfully drawn to her father's employee. The pair join the local farmers in fighting against the railroad plan that is set to rob them of their farms. Gareth Silversmith arrives unexpectedly at the farm to encourage Charlotte to go back to London with him. Hamish soon discovers more about him than he should. The death of Charlotte's beloved father throws her into a turmoil of bereavement and vulnerability and indecision. Will Charlotte marry the man she really loves..?



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